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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joy and Exhaustion!

Its two days since my exhibition opening on Sunday. It was a wonderful gathering, in a magical location, on a magnificent day. I was sleep deprived but happy, all my misgivings of the day before vanished when I walked in with my family and thought, this looks pretty good! I had thought it was all terrible only the day before. Its amazing what a difference a bit of distance can make.

I met some fabulous locals who were very passionate about the river, some of my dearest friends and most special people managed to get there and the staff at there were fantastic. There were even a couple of very special guests, including ....Olive the baby possum!

My dear friend is a Foster Mum for stranded wild life, she was due for a feed at 1pm - so she came along.

I also managed to enjoy the lead up to it and the opening too, even thought was an incredible amount of work to do, (I must confess and I did stress a bit). The River Mantra of go with the flow really did seem to help...

So, thats one exhibition done. Now to get to work on the next one(after the last two days of recovery).

I am already feeling inspired and ready to tackle the next exhibition. I have started on another large drawing tonight that I feel it may underpin the whole show. A document of the whole Yarra River on a 3mt roll of paper...she is half unrolled in the studio now waiting for me. I feel a new discipline coming on...and the inspiration and motivation too. Excellent tonic for exhaustion too!

I have been laid up recovering the last two days since the exhibition, but I am feeling better now and ready to get back into the studio.

Here are some pictures, more to come later....

Detail : Beneath History Katie Roberts 2009

Warburton was wonderful, it really is a special place to me, and it seems a lot of other people too. So here are some photos of the river as it runs through the town, behind th shops and gallery.

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