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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Close....

It's exciting!

I am experiencing that exciting and frightening feeling that most artists go through between 3-1 weeks before an exhibition. I am there now. It is less then two weeks to my opening in Warburton and there is, of course, heaps to do. But, this exhibition is deliberately low key and relatively simple, in the lead up to the Montsalvat exhibition at the end of the year. I'm trying not to stress too much and get these things done with ease - the philosophy of things happen when they're meant to happen, is keeping me there most of the time. The invitations are being printed now, they were delayed, which meant I got to tweak my design and learn to accept the natural pace of things, rather then pushing them. I think its called 'going with the flow'.

Which is a very good metaphor really, given the river theme of the exhibition and all.

So now just to finalising drawings, mounting and framing, catalogues, cards and artist statement.... As well as distributing invites, posters, media, catering, transporting, curating, installing, and then opening! Hopefully all while enjoying the experience along the way, and not feeling too overwhelmed by it all. Go with the flow, go with the flow.

Here's your invitation...

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