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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Towards the source

Today I am intending to travel up the Yarra River, towards the source, making artwork along the way. I use my car as a mobile studio, so my dog and I will be taking my rusty blue station wagon off for an outing. I have dear friends who live just below the Upper Yarra Damn and I aim to get up there today or tomorrow. The upper reaches of the Yarra are the focus for me at the moment. I started work out there a few weeks ago, discovering Yering Station and the amazing view of the mountains from there. So, my aim at the moment is to get to know the area from Yarra Glen to Warburton. Around Yarra Glen the Yarra wends its way around the base of majestic mountain ranges including Kingake and Healesville areas, that surround the flatter land consisting of farms and wineries. This area has some of the poorest water quality of the whole river system as it has been farmland since the 1840's. I am slowly putting together all the parts of the river into my consciousness and look forward to a sweeping understanding of the whole length of our amazing life bringing friend.

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